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Music by Cara

Make your next event unique, phenomenal and unforgettable. Join my list of happy clients today and experience the full impact of live music played by professional musicians.

Exclusive. Reliable. Exceptional.

How does it work?

Music by Cara is a unique,
personalised service to help you choose the perfect music and musicians for your event.

Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, funeral or a concert, my talented musicians always deliver a professional performance.

The most-booked ensembles include string quartet or trio, solo piano, flute and harp, oboe and strings or singer with accompaniment.

I work with professional musicians who are permanently engaged in orchestras in such as Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

Since these musicians have already been playing together for many years, I’m not limited to only working with existing ensembles. I can also ‘mix and match’ different musicians to create the perfect instrument combination for your event.

Apart from classical music, the musicians also play pop, rock and jazz arrangements to the delight of your guests!

Please click here to see the different ensembles you can choose from.

How to book

Event date fixed? Contact me with your wishes and get a quote

We discuss the music and musicians and decide on the best option for you

I contact the musicians and discuss the music and event details with them

Once I receive a signed contract from you, I book the musicians

The musicians contribute to the success of your event

Get started today!

Contact me and I'll get back to you with a free quote and some initial ideas and recommendations

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