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About me

The success of Music by Cara depends on choosing the finest musicians and singers available.

Their commitment is reflected in the feedback received from my clients. I count myself lucky to be in a position to work with such talented individuals.

About me

My mother always taught me that perfection requires careful attention to every detail. Whether it involved the organising and meticulous preparation for a big event or making sure I looked neat and groomed for yet another music exam, her eyes never missed a thing.

This advice has served me well throughout my life, especially as I started performing at events with various ensembles and very importantly, during my doctoral studies in music.

This focus on detail is also one of the reasons I decided to establish Music by Cara.

All too often I have attended events where there were either no live music or merely the ‘wrong’ music and this has motivated me to create a platform to assist clients with selecting the appropriate music and musicians to ensure that their choices reflect the image they want to project.

Planning and finding the right music and musicians can be very challenging and time-consuming. Let me take care of the music so you can concentrate on other important matters.

Inhaberin Music by Cara Live-Musik

My clients approach me because they understand

  • the value of treating their guests with the utmost respect and hospitality
  • that atmosphere can make or break how their guests perceive an event
  • that all their time and money spent on organising weddings, business events and other special occasions can be very quickly undone by simply ‘pressing Play’

After establishing initial contact and communicating their vision, my clients are offered several ‘musical solutions’ based on different factors such as the type of event, location, acoustics at the location and budget.

Once all is agreed upon, the clients can relax while I take care of the rest.

I am very privileged to share my passion with professional classical musicians who never disappoint on any level and I invite you to experience how such a ‘small’ detail like music can transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary!




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More about Music by Cara

Still curious and want to find out more about the agency? Go to my FAQs page and see if I have already answered your question.

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