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Dinner parties

With perfectly chosen music, your dinner party can be turned into a true highlight. Experience the full impact of live music played by professional musicians.

Stylish music for dinner parties

A dinner party is the perfect event to showcase your exquisite taste with live music provided by a soloist or small ensemble.

Stylish music for dinner parties - Music by Cara

Dinner music is one of your best tools for creating a soothing ambience and will make your guests feel welcome and cherished in an elegant milieu.

Soft classical instrumental music is always a good choice but there are a few factors to be taken into account before deciding on live music. To prevent the music from overpowering the conversation, the room should be big enough to accommodate the guests as well as the musicians who should be seated at some distance from the guests. The goal is to allow your guests to calmly enjoy the taste of everything that was meticulously prepared and participate in conversation without having to raise their voice over the music.

Acoustics are crucial and I normally visit a prospective client’s home or the chosen location to advise on the appropriateness of having live music if any.

Typical combinations that usually work very well in such an intimate setup are flute and harp, string duo or trio, flute and classical guitar, solo harp or solo classical guitar. My musicians are professionals and can therefore subtly control and adjust their volume levels but acoustics do play an important part. Delightful dinner conversation amongst guests is the heartbeat of a successful dinner and my musicians can create enjoyable ‘mood’ music to allow guests to converse comfortably.

Most-booked ensembles for dinner parties

The most-booked ensembles for dinner events include string quartet or trio, solo piano, flute and harp, oboe and strings or singer with accompaniment.

Since the professional musicians have already been playing together for many years, I’m not limited to only working with existing ensembles.

I can also ‘mix and match’ different musicians to create the perfect instrument combination for your dinner party.

Book live music for your dinner event now!

I will recommend you the most suitable musical solution for your dinner party and put together an individual offer for you. Everything without obligation!

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