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Christmas events

Keep it classy and ensure that your Christmas event stands out with beautiful Christmas music played by professional musicians.

Music for the Festive Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

My musicians will add some festive cheer to your event with carefully chosen Festive Season music, ranging from traditional Christmas carols to pop festive favourites.

Year after year, you ask yourself the same question: How can we make our Christmas party classy and extra special this year? What can we do to make our guests feel valued? Reward your staff at the end of a hard year’s work with some elegant live music.

Dazzle them with the sound of a string quartet playing in the background while you are enjoying your pre-dinner drinks or having your Christmas dinner. If there’s a piano at the venue, a pianist can accompany your event. Add a flautist or a singer to the piano and you’ve got another great option to accompany your dinner or cocktail Christmas party.

All of this is of course also possible in a more intimate setting like a private home. When you’re having guests over for your annual Christmas event, surprise them with live music. Just ask me for the perfect instrumental combination that would suit the acoustics at your venue or in your home.

A few tips: Don’t get live music if you only can afford amateurs, if a friend or relative volunteers to perform at the last minute or if you have a small group (less than eight guests).

Do book live music if you can afford professional musicians, if you think your event might be a bit boring without extra entertainment and if your event will run over many hours. Professional musicians know exactly how to set the festive scene with elegant arrangements of well-known Christmas songs.

A live music performance is guaranteed to create a memorable and enjoyable evening for all and can help your guests relax and unwind, setting the stage for the rest of the evening. Of course you should still have your Christmas party band for dancing later in the evening, but if you start the evening right (and that means with live music from Music by Cara!), your guests won’t experience just another standard Christmas party.

Live-Musik für Ihre Weihnachtsfeier - Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Rheingau

Most-booked ensembles for Christmas parties

The most-booked ensembles for Christmas events include string quartet, flute and harp, solo piano or singer with piano accompaniment. It’s best if you book as early as possible as December fills up quickly with Christmas dinners, end of year concerts as well as winter weddings!

Book live music for your Christmas event now!

I will recommend you the most suitable musical solution for your Christmas party and put together an individual offer for you.

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