With perfectly chosen music, your corporate event, wedding or other exclusive affairs can be turned into a true highlight. With absolute reliability, excellent repertoire and a professional performance you and your guests will experience unforgettable moments.


To make your special day truly exceptional, have my musicians accompany your wedding with an extensive range of repertoire to create the mood you have selected for your day. Music before, during and after the ceremony – together we choose the perfect musical selection that will make your day uniquely yours and beautifully memorable for you and everyone involved!

Violin player

Many couples would like to have their guests entertained before the ceremony while they are waiting for the bride’s arrival. This setup works well in a church but also at an outdoor wedding location or at the registry office. The bride’s entry music is a very personal choice and there is a wide variety of possibilities available for this special moment.

Once the ceremony is under way, a musical interlude with, for example, a piece of solo instrumental music or a singer is a great way to break up the different parts of the ceremony and it creates a moment of reflection. The vows have been said, the register has been signed and the guests are waiting outside for the newlyweds to make their appearance. Create a festive atmosphere by letting the musicians announce your arrival with some jubilant music.

The musical entertainment doesn’t have to stop after the ceremony. Should you have a reception after the ceremony, a bit of light music to accompany your meal will keep the atmosphere flowing without drowning out the conversation. The first dance could be accompanied by my musicians as well, but after opening the dance floor my musicians will gracefully leave you in the capable hands of the DJ of your choice!

Business Events

To provide your guests with an unforgettable experience, my tailor-made ensembles will add excellence to your corporate event and make it the highlight of the year. Whether it is a business dinner as part of an award ceremony or an exclusive cocktail party for VIP clients, my professional musicians can be the focal point of your event or simply blend into the background for non-intrusive, yet entertaining accompaniment.


Corporate function venues include everything from halls and hotels to small, intimate restaurants and bars with different layouts. It’s useful to think of where you’d like guests to be able to hear the music and where you would like the musicians to be situated, but it is not always easy to do this. I am familiar with quite a few venues and can easily assist you to find the best solution for the musicians’ seating arrangements.

While most venues will accommodate live music easily, others might need the noise kept down to a certain level. Noise restrictions are common and I have plenty of experience of dealing with these, adapting to the venue even when it seems very difficult to do so. The more ‘in tune’ the musical entertainment is with your event, the better. Live music is always a natural fit for a VIP dinner but I would suggest a different style for a business luncheon than for an evening event.

Music is often considered as an after-thought or not considered necessary at all. Make live music a major part of your entire event planning process so you can ensure that your guests attend a well-rounded and well thought out event.

Dinner Parties

A dinner party is the perfect event to showcase your exquisite taste with live music provided by a soloist or small ensemble. Dinner music is one of your best tools for creating a soothing ambience and will make your guests feel welcome and cherished in an elegant milieu.

Chamber music ensemble

Soft classical instrumental music is always a good choice but there are a few factors to be taken into account before deciding on live music. To prevent the music from overpowering the conversation, the room should be big enough to accommodate the guests as well as the musicians who should be seated at some distance from the guests. The goal is to allow your guests to calmly enjoy the taste of everything that was meticulously prepared and participate in conversation without having to raise their voice over the music.

Acoustics are crucial and I normally visit a prospective client’s home or the chosen location to advise on the appropriateness of having live music if any.

Typical combinations that usually work very well in such an intimate setup are flute and harp, string duo or trio, flute and classical guitar, solo harp or solo classical guitar. My musicians are professionals and can therefore subtly control and adjust their volume levels but acoustics do play an important part. Delightful dinner conversation amongst guests is the heartbeat of a successful dinner and my musicians can create enjoyable ‘mood’ music to allow guests to converse comfortably.


When choosing the music for a memorial service or funeral, I ascertain the repertoire played during the ceremony to be a befitting tribute to those who have passed away whilst leaving a lasting impression with family and friends. A beautiful piece of music can release emotions and assists mourners with saying farewell. It also lends dignity to the occasion and makes it unique.

Harp player

Whether it is a funeral or a memorial service, the right music can transform a painful ordeal into an event which will calm sorrow and bring about quiet contemplation.

It’s best not to have too much music or to expect people to sit and listen to long pieces of music. Two or three short pieces at the most would be appropriate for a thirty minute ceremony. Taking the time to arrange a live performance of a beautiful piece of music is perhaps one of the most extraordinary things to be done for a loved one. My musicians find it highly rewarding to play or sing at funerals because it is here where the consolation of music is undoubtedly needed.

Other events

Contact me for all other exclusive occasions such as engagement parties, birthdays (now also kids’ birthday parties – have a look at the video below!), book presentations, opening night receptions for new art exhibitions, trade fairs, product launches, seminars, conferences, Christmas parties and fashion shows, etc.

Each of the above-mentioned events offer ample opportunities for live music. It’s up to you to decide how big a role the music should play, but of course I can weigh in on the conversation as well with suggestions gathered from past events that may simplify things for you.

Since I am based in Wiesbaden, most requests come from the Rhein-Main area, including the areas surrounding the Rhein-Main metropole. Even if your event takes place outside of this area, I will find a suitable solution to accommodate your wishes. Contact me to find out more about how I can help you realise your vision.

Music makes you smarter! The famous violinist Isaac Stern once said: „Music has the ability to civilize. Music makes you alert. Music arouses phantasy. It comforts you when you are sad, it makes you laugh when you are worried and it brings clarity when everything else goes haywire. Those who make music, learn not to hate. Those who make music learn to hear, to listen and to think.“

I offer a musical journey to Africa with professional musicians in cooperation with Lottchenevents! Watch the video and contact me or Ms Jost to find out more.


Experience true artistry with a selected group of ensembles and singers who regularly perform concerts in different venues and at a wide variety of events.  Ask me about full-length concerts (2 hours) or shorter variations to suit your needs. Typical concerts include performances at classical music festivals, music concert series, company events, conferences, annual meetings, music societies, retirement homes and charity events. Contact me for programme suggestions to  compliment your event.

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